Piano Accessories

Piano Rolls

Used player piano rolls bought and sold. Thousands of rolls available for sale. Inventory varies weekly.

Piano rolls More piano rolls Wall full of piano rolls

Refurbished used piano benches for sale.

Refurbished piano bench Refurbished piano bench Refurbished piano bench Refurbished piano bench Stacks of refurbished piano benches

A large selection of salvaged piano parts are available, including:

  • Hammer actions, both common and special
  • Legs and lyres
  • Music desks
  • Cabinet components, upright and grand
  • Player stacks, wind motors, governors, and pumps
  • Rotary pumps and motors
  • Plastic valves for Aeolian players

Please call or email with your needs.

Player piano parts Lyre, legs and other case parts
Piano Fashion

Italian fashion designer Valentina Oppezzo recently took home the "Most Avant-Garde" award at MIT's 2013 Trashion Show, wearing a dress made with piano parts donated by Louis. Read more in this article from Bostoniano Magazine.

Dress made with Louis's piano parts