Piano Restoration

My associates and I offer complete restoration services and have restored hundreds of pianos.

Our restoration services include hammer actions, pin block replacement, restringing, cabinet repair and refinishing, key top replacement, ivory repair, soundboard and bridge repair.

Bord Upright

This Bord upright piano was originally built in France in the mid 1800s. It was purchased new in Italy and has been owned by the same family for five generations. It has not been usable for a hundred years.

Prior to restoration.

Bord upright prior to restoration

After restoration.

Restored in 2014. Now a playable, tunable instrument! The piano now resides in Boston.

Bord upright after restoration
Henry F. Miller Grand Piano

Prior to restoration.

H.F. Miller grand prior to restoration

Restoration completed. Work includes:

  • Restrung with new pin block
  • New used ivory keyboard
  • Refinished cabinet
  • New hammer action components
Restored H.F. Miller grand, front view Restored H.F. Miller grand, side view Restored H.F. Miller grand, keyboard Restored H.F. Miller grand, stringing detail Restored H.F. Miller grand, keyboard closeup
Knabe Square Grand

Restoration completed 2012.

Restored Knabe square grand, front view Restored Knabe square grand, side view
New England Piano Upright

Prior to restoration.

New England Piano upright prior to restoration

After restoration.

New England Piano upright after restoration
Baldwin Hamilton

Originally a walnut cabinet. Custom cabinet finish as per order of clients interior decorator.

Baldwin Hamilton with custom finish
Custom Built Nickelodeon

From a book match walnut Stark Player Piano. Includes many cabinet modifications, with custom built instruments per customer's specifications.

Custom built Nickelodeon
Armstrong Player Piano Double Stack Standard

Before restoration.

Armstrong player, before restoration

Restoration completed April 2007.

Armstrong player, after restoration
Weaver Walnut upright Player Piano

This piano spent its entire life in an unheated farmhouse in the Midwest.

The restoration completed in 2008 included:

  • Restringing
  • New genuine ivory keyboard
  • Refinishing
  • Total rebuilding of the Pratt Read player mechanism
  • Electric motor installation
Restored Weaver upright player Restored Weaver upright player, mechanism Restored Weaver upright player, closeup
Weser Upright Player Piano

Restoration completed 2008. Standard mechanism.

Restored Weser upright player